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That seems to be Laine Hardy,

2019 American Idol

           She wears a lot of professional caps, but right now they say LAINE, as she is addicted to the Bayou Boy from Livingston, LA. She’s a retired store owner, accessories designer, QVC on-air personality, motivational speaker, trainer, journalist, magazine editor,author of 8 books, publisher, event planner and jobs she can’t even remember, so there’s always something spinning around in that head, and she loves to talk about it.Her life is influenced by her relationship with her mother (being an only child), her husband, her children,  and five grandchildren.  Several of her past columns  are about her feelings, her friends, a 50th anniversary of her pharmacy, and the projects she has worked on. And the Great 2019 Shindig #11 – read it and you’ll see how wonderful.

Sh e edited and published the 2019 and the 2020 Guide to Living in Amite, and is happy to be serving on the 150th Anniversary committee for the parish of Tangipahoa. If it’s happened lately, it will be posted soon. 

AND about her new obsession with Louisiana BAYOU BOY – American Idol Winner – Laine Hardy.  See blog on him, five already posted. She’s seen him in person – next goal is “close up.” – that might take five or six chapters. I think that may be called stalking.   She is working on ten chapters…or more, depends on how much deeper she falls!

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