As T.J. says goodbye to the fashion industry after over 53 years, this will be the last sessions she will ever lead. She has chosen Las Vegas WWIN to make a final presen- tations. Please join her for networking and Promotions, and let her tell you goodbye.


All Registered Buyers Invited
Monday Evening – August 14
5:00 PM – The Lambada Room

Come share your thoughts and ideas with your peers. Enjoy the company of other retailers, learning what works and doesn’t work in their stores. What is your biggest problem? Do you sell on line? What is dropship all about? These are the kinds of things to discuss and getanswers. Somebody there will know. Finish off at 6 P.M. with “Wine at WWIN.”



What The Pros Say

Tuesday Morning – August 15
9:00 AM – The Lambada Room

T.J. will share the podium with talented retailers, yet to be announced, and discuss a promotion calendar for the rest of 2017. It is not too early to plan for September through October and the events needed to draw traffic into store or on to your web site. Back to School, Football Fashion Events, High School Fridays, Trick or Treats, Open House, 12 Days of Christmas, Men’s Night Out, Wish List...and many more for you to choose from

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