# 7 – Queen Week on America Idol – He Wanted Some More of It!

# 7 – Queen Week on America Idol –

Oscar, the best motion picture award this year went to Bohemian Rhapsody, the story of the Band QUEEN, just as Adam Lambert of American Idol fame was being chosen to replace Freddy Mercury in the group.  Queen has been in the news a lot of late, so it was not a surprise when Idol chose this theme for the Top 14 song choices. Each contestant got to select their own Queen hit, and Laine again, made a perfect choice to excite his audience and display his vocals.

Prior to the performances during the week, the group members got a little help and advice from Adam who had been in their shoes only a few years ago. Adam and Laine hit it off right away, although Adam had to be firm with Laine and push him to put himself out there. Laine meekly began the sessions with, “I’m shy, you know.” Adam sort of smiled and quizzed, “You’re a rock star, right?’ Laine said, “Well,” and Adam interrupted “You look like a rock star, you act like a rock star, you sing like a rock star,” and Laine just smiled.  Adam added, “It’s Rock and Roll, you got a cool voice, and good looks but you’re acting scared as a rabbit. This is your rock star moment – take it. If you don’t make it a party, nobody else will.” Adam almost forcefully ordered, “Grab that mike, go out on that stage, and do it!””

Laine sang a few notes and said, “It felt good.” He smiled, ran his tongue over his lips and confessed, “It felt real good; I wanna do it again!” Thus the rock story side of Laine at American Idol began, and he never looked back. (As of 4/18, this segment has been viewed on YouTube 1,008,242 times.)

This night Laine dressed in his rock star look with an emerald green zig zag geometric design patterned black jacket and black pants. His shirt was black but the collar was accessorized with sterling silver clips joined by a silver loose chain. His boots were gold lame sequined and his black hair was a little more slick than usual, a hint of the Elvis look was beginning to show.

Fat-Bottomed Girls is always one of Queen’s most requested tunes, and for Laine, the girls pushing each other to get closer to the stage, sang every verse along with the star. He came out on stage with his eyes shining and a grin that emphasized those teasing opening words, “Will you take me home tonight?” That look made every girl there try to answer that question with a loud, “Yes!”  Those women were ready to try to “make a bad boy out of him.” It was not just words to a song.

Laine practically skipped the length of the stage, back and forth, trying to lean over and touch as many out stretched hands as possible. He extended his fingers as if inviting them all. The guitar still slung over his back, got little action as Laine’s limbs seemed to release more emotional energy than ever before. Knees were moving, arms stretched outward with head leaning over to speak to each fan trying to get his attention. He ended with a leap in the air higher than I had seen from him before. Yes, he was a rock star, and he felt good!

The song ended almost too soon for Katy who had danced along since the first note, bumping her hips and shaking her turban covered head in tune with every note. Luke started, “Oh Laine, oh Laine, Katy is giddy over here,” to which Katy replied, “No, that’s one of my favorite songs. I love that!”

Luke gave his always-valued opinion, “You’re a country boy, but you got to fake rock star any time you need it. Anytime you need it, fake it – great job! “Katy again jumped in repeating, “As Luke says, fake it til you make it, Shake it and bake it, til you feel it. You faked it, you made it!” Lionel added, “You felt it!”

And he did. It was obvious, the country in this boy may be turning a little rock and roll, because as he had said earlier, and you could see, he felt it, he liked it, he wanted some more of it!


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